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Hey it’s Jaime here! Angela and I are back in action. And guess what? We’re not alone. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’ve got Richard Branson!! And a crack addict prisoner-turned-Zen life coach… Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu… and a few billionaires and cutting-edge scientists to boot. That’s why we’ve been a bit quiet lately – we were asked to […]

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  A Festival For Awakening โ€“ Touching The Numinous With The Enlightened No matter the transition or struggle you may be going through right now. No matter the unexpected changes, curves in the road, or curve balls the universe has thrown your way, please know this …. Your personal challenge is the โ€˜Wake Up Callโ€™ […]

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Sometimes you just have to hit rock bottom. That’s what I used to believe. This is Jaime here and I want to tell you the story of how I was personally led into a powerful “reset” experience when Pneumonia knocked me out of work and a perfect storm hit my life. I’m telling you this […]

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Want practical guidance to the more mystical side of spirituality? Explore intuition, archetypes and the different dimensions of your being.

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Home & Garden

Transform your environment into a sanctuary that expresses and supports your spiritual truth. Inspired ideas for decor, gardening and more.

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Strengthen your Mind Body Spirit connection with wellness guidance, healthy recipes, and exposes on the foods and technologies that serve your body best!

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Ignite your inner God or Goddess with creative fashion ideas that help you live your Inner Truth out loud! Spiritual living never looked so stunning.

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Success & Money

Money is energy and your relationship to it is important. Discover how to align your abundance with your purpose and your Highest Self.

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Questions & Answers

Sometimes general advice isn't enough. We've collected some of the more difficult and particular questions we've received, along with our in-depth answers.

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